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Puppy Instructions

And Other Useful Tips!!

Puppy Instructions 
Food: This puppy is currently eating "Pedigree for Puppies".
          Do not change his/her diet as it may cause stomach irritation and  
          Leave dry food (Pedigree for Puppies) and water out at all times!
Water: bottled water for the first month home, slowly mix your tap water
           over the period of a month so it will allow the puppy to adjust to
           the difference in water and not cause diarrhea.
Vaccinations: Your puppy is up-to-date (by Florida standards) on it's shots.
           A tentative shot schedule, per Florida standards, will be provided
           to you. It is strongly recommended that you take this record to your
          veterinary to verify that your puppy does not need any more
          vaccinations, as your state standards may be different. 
Parvo Virus: This virus can be fatal to your new puppy. Your puppy is
         up-to-date on this vaccine, however your puppy is NOT fully 
         immune until it has received all of its booster shots. Do NOT take
         your puppy to public places where other unknown dogs may
         have been. When taking your puppy to the veterinary, HOLD
Housebreaking: Your puppy is semi-paper trained and is up to a small
        area of newspaper in its pen. Housebreaking or training is a lengthy
        process. Housebreaking requires consistency!!! I recommend the
  1. Create a small area, 4 feet by 4 feet, on a hard surface, such as tile.
  2. Cover the entire area with newspaper.
  3. Place the puppy's crate in the pen and put a towel in the bottom. The puppy needs to understand that this is his/her own little home. At NO time is any human or other animal to enter this crate. If you open the crate and your puppy does not want to come out, look inside to assure that the puppy is okay (ie. breathing) and just leave the door open. Your puppy will come out when it is ready. Do not put any bedding on the newspaper, as this will confuse your puppy. Likewise, do not put any newspaper in the crate.
  4. Any time the puppy eats or takes a nap, starts sniffing around or take him/her to the pen and keep him/her there until they pee. As soon as the puppy squats to go to the bathroom, praise him/her. You can use any command that you like when putting him/her on the paper. I use "go potty" command.
  5. When the puppy is not being watched, place the puppy in the pen to avoid accidents. NEVER yell at your puppy for having an accident.
  6. Over time, about one month, decrease the amount of paper in the pen. If your puppy has an accident on the floor, increase the paper and wait a few more days & try again to reduce the amount of newspaper.
  7. Eventually, about six months of age, your puppy will be ready to go outside to void (go pee-pee). Place "soiled" newspaper outside and weight it down with rocks. Always take them outside through the same door. Place the puppy on the soiled newspaper every two hours and give him/her the "go potty" command. Remember, do not give your puppy any attention until he/she "goes" and then praise him/her very well. Eventually, your puppy will wait by the door or jump up and down at the door when he/she has to go.
As soon as you pick up your puppy, from the airport, or you arrive at home (if you are picking up the puppy from my home) put some "enervite" or honey on your puppies lips. Your puppy will lick it off. This will add sugar to your puppies body. When your puppy is stressed, as with an airplane ride and/or going to a strange home, they burn a lot of glucose. To prevent HYPOGLYCEMIA (low blood sugar), a potentially deadly condition, apply the "enervite" or honey every 3-4 hours. Yorkies can go hypoglycemic quite quickly, so watch out for the signs and symptoms, which may include:
listlessness, depression, staggering gait, muscular weakness and tremors.
Keep in mind that episodes of hypoglycemia often occur without warning.
1. Stress
2. Missing a meal (every 4 hours the puppy needs to eat)
3. Cold temperatures (this causes the body to shake which causes 
    increased fuel consumption)
4. becoming exhausted from too much play (burns up energy stores)
5. upset stomach (puppy will not eat the proper quantity of food)
Conscious Puppy:
1. Immediately give corn syrup or sugar water, by syringe, if the puppy is
    able to swallow or rub sugar paste or corn syrup on the gums of the
    puppies mouth. 
2. Take the puppy to the vet. immediately!!!!!!!!!!!
Unconscious Puppy:
1. Rub corn syrup or sugar paste on the gums of your puppies mouth.
2. Take the puppy to the vet. immediately!!!!!!!!!!
** Many, but not all, puppies outgrow this problem. ***
*** If you know that your puppy is proned to hypoglycemia, keep a tube of sugar paste (sold at any pharmacy) with you at all times. *****
I have read the above and deny any questions.
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