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Little Bundles of Joy

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Deposit Information

We'll explain our current business and ordering policies on this page.

Shipping and Handling

We attempt to send your puppy as soon as we can.

We offer the following shipping methods:

USA Airports only (Via Continental)

Shipping is based on the destination (in the continental USA only). Average s&h charges are 150.00.

Deposit Information
*** See Refunds, Returns and Exchanges section in the next column. ***
A 200.00 dollar deposit is required for each puppy. Bundles of Joy will hold the puppy of your choice for 48 hours until your deposit is received.
The deposit may be in the form of check or money order. Cash may be used only if you pay in person. NO cash is accepted by mail. Paypal is also accepted (see below).
A 35 dollar charge will be assessed to your final balance for any and all bounced checks.
When making a final payment, on a puppy, a check may be used. However, the puppy can not be released for 7 to 10 days, or until the final check clears. Paypal may also be used!!
Please fill out the "Order Sheet" below and return it with your deposit.
Thank You!

Returns and Exchanges:
          Returns and exchanges are per the Limited Health Guarantee only. (No returns or exchanges otherwise!!)
          NO Partial refunds, for any reason, 24 hours after the receipt of your deposit. This means you have 24 hours to change your mind, via written fax. If Bundles of Joy does not receive your fax, for any reason, within the 24 hour time period NO Partial refund of any monies will be given. If you fax something, we suggest that you call and verify that we received it (239-768-0774 fax #& home #, My Cell # 239-634-3227).  After the 24 hour period NO monies shall be refunded.
(See the contract for details!!!)

Please email me, or call, PRIOR to placing a deposit on a puppy to verify that the puppy is still available. Although we try to be as efficient as possible, there may be a slight delay with posting/updating. You must know the puppy number prior to placing a deposit. Thank you!

                               Bundles of Joy Order Form







Alternate #:______________________________________________________

Is this the address you would like your puppy/dog sent to? ____________

If no, please note shipping address:_________________________________

(include city/state/zip)                        _________________________________


Puppy/Dog Number (ie. M&M21) from the puppy availability list:________

Bundles of Joy's Name of the puppy/dog:____________________________

The name YOU have picked for your new family member:_____________


Price of puppy/dog picked:_______________________________________

Deposit Amount:__________________________________________________

Buyer(s) Signature:________________________________________________

(Do not write below the following line!!)




Other Fee's/Charges:________________

Deposit Received:___________________

Date Deposit Was Received:__________

Balance Amount:____________________

Balance Due By:_____________________

Buyer(s) Signature:_____________________________________________




Breeders Signature:____________________________________________