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Little Bundles of Joy

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The following questionair is to evaluate if our puppies are right for you and so we can follow-up to make sure you are completely happy with your new family member. This also provides the address that we can send you your AKC papers.

Name:____________________________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone#:___________________________________________________________________________
Cell Phone#:___________________________________________________________________________
Please circle the appropriate answer or fill in the blanks. Please do not leave any blanks. Please put N/A if it does not apply.
1)Do you have children in the house?  Y  or  N
2)Do you understand that children and puppies in the same household need to be monitored?    Y   or   N  or  N/A
3)Do you currently own a dog?  Y  or  No
4)What breed(s) do you own?_________________________________________ 
5)If you do not own a dog(s), have you ever owned a dog?  Y  or  N  or  N/A
6)Do you understand the great responsibility involved in owning a dog/puppy?  Y  or  N
7)Do you understand that a Yorkshire Terrier puppy/dog can NOT be left home alone for more than 2 hours for its first six months of life?  Y  or  N
8)Do you understand that your puppy could die if you leave it home alone for more than two hours for the first 6 months?  Yes  or  No
9)Do you understand that Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is not covered under the limited health guaranty? Yes  or  No
10)Do you understand that the vet. bills you obtain are yours and not the responsibility of the seller?  Y  or  N
11)Do you understand the Limited Health Guaranty? _______________
12)Do you understand the contract?  _________________
13)Do you understand that the deposit you give is NOT refundable?_______
14)Do you understand the puppy instructions?_________
I (the under signed) attest that the information given is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Signature:__________________________________  Date:__________________