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Please print and fill out this contract in its entirety and return to Little Bundles of Joy, via fax or mail.

Buyer(s) Name:_______________________________________Date:__________
Street Address:_______________________________________Time:_________
Home Phone #:_______________________________________
Cell Phone #:_________________________________________
Business Phone:______________________________________
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier_______________________________
Puppy Name: (That YOU have Choosen)_________________
Puppy Number: (That the breeder has given)_____________
Puppy Price: (Per Website)_____________________________
Registration: __X___ AKC _____ ACA  _____ OTHER ____N/A
(Please note that registration papers can take up to six months to be issued by the AKC or ACA and Little Bundles of Joy can not control this process and that as soon as we receive them we will send them out)
Payment Method: 
____ Cash (when in person only)    _____ Check   _____ Money Order
** If Paying by check, the puppy/dog can not be released until the check clears. Please Note returned check fee is 35 dollars per bounce!!! This fee will be added to the final balance and must be paid prior to the release of the puppy!!! ***
Payment Schedule: (see section II)
____ Deposit (to hold puppy) is $200.00 and is non-refundable after 24 hours. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks after the deposit (the remaining balance is non-refundable). Any monies refunded is subject to a 6% (of total purchase price) processing fee.
____Payment in full (include puppy cost and shipping) - money is non-refundable after initial 24 hours. If refund is requested within the initial 24 hours all monies will be refunded except 6% (of total purchase
price) processing fee.
Delivery Method:
____ Picking Up                 _____ Shipping Required (add $200.00 to the
                                                    puppy price and see section III) List the
                                                    nearest airport:_____________________
Sub-total (price of the puppy):                         _______________________
Shipping*:                                                       _______________________
Other:                                                              _______________________
Total*:                                                             _______________________
* The total price may change if return check fees are applied or shipping rates increase. *
I. Heath Records
Breeder shall provide veterinary records, and written instructions for the care of this puppy. The puppy will have the first set of shots and be micro-chipped (by buyers request only for an additional charge). The breeder warrants that every precaution has been taken to insure the physical soundness and mental stability of this puppy.
II. Deposits/Partial/full payments
All deposits/partial/full payments  are partially refundable (deposit/partial/full payments - 6% of total purchase price) within the first 24 hours after signing the contract. After the first 24 hours of signing the contract,  the deposit/partial/full payments is non-refundable. Any monies held after the first 24 hours of signing the contract is non-refundable.
IIb. Refunds/Exchanges
At NO time is a refund or exchange given (other than those outlined in the Limited Health Guarentee)
III. Shipping
Shipping is to the nearest airport that facilitates the handling of live animals. Delivery from the airport to your shipping address is up to the buyer and not the responsibility of the breeder. Any and all shipping charges, including airline kenneling fees, and any other miscellaneous expenses or taxes shalll be the responsibility of the buyer. Little Bundles of Joy is responsible for delivering the puppy in a timely manner. However, Little Bundles of Joy can not be held responsible for delays related to unforeseen conditions (ie. weather, etc.). No refunds will be issued for these delays.
IV. Health Guarantee (see the health guarantee for rules and conditions of  guarantee)
In order for the Health Guarantee to be valid the buyer must have the puppy/dog examined by a liscenced veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery and provide proof of this. Should the puppy/dog need to be returned, as per the Health Guarantee, this shall be at the buyers expense and not the breeders.
Life Threatening genetic conditions are covered under the limited health guarantee for up to one year (see the Limited Health Guarantee for details)
V. Buyers Veterinary Expenses
The Breeder/Little Bundles of Joy are not responsible for any expenses incurred while the puppy is in the possession of the buyer, except the specific exceptions listed in the Limited Health Guarantee.
VI. Litter Grading, Adult Weight and Quality
Although the breeder/Little Bundles of Joy has attempted to grade the litter for certain expectations, such grading is considered an educated guess at best based on reasonable assumptions. The breeder/Little Bundles of Joy can not guarantee the future weight of a puppy and assumes no liability if the adult weight exceeds the breeder's estimated expected weight at maturity. The quality is not guaranteed, although we do our best in grading the puppies.
VII. Breedability
The Breeder/Little Bundles of Joy does NOT guarantee the breedability of the puppy/dog.
IX. Return Policy
It is the breeders/Little Bundles of Joy's policy not to exchange puppies nor to offer a refund for a puppies return for any reason not specifically included within the Limited Health Guarantee. This is in accordance with our belief that the purchase of a puppy is a serious commitment on the part of the Buyer. If a buyer insists on the return of a puppy, Little Bundles of Joy will not issue a refund of the purchase price.
X. Dispute Resolution and Governing Law
In the event there is a disagreement between the parties after the contract is executed, the parties agree to dispute the claimes exclusively in the state of Florida in accordance with all applicable Florida laws that apply within that jurisdiction after attempting to resolve the disagreement in good faith. This agreement shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the State of Florida. NO action, regardless of form, shall be brought by either party more than one year after the signing of this contract.
I have read this contract and information in full. I understand and agree to the contracts terms and conditions described herein. I understand the terms and conditions are binding and can not be altered for any reason.
____________________________________________     Date_______________
Buyer(s) Signature
Buyer(s) Printed Name(s)
____________________________________________     Date_______________
Breeder/Little Bundles of Joy's Signature
Breeder/Little Bundles of Joy Printed Name