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Little Bundles of Joy

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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page, we'll introduce our family owned business and highlight important areas on our site.
Valued patrons beware: Yorkie Puppies for Sale. There are scam artists using my photos (of the puppies for sale) to sell puppies that do not exist. If you see one of our photos and it does not link you to this website or it does not have the Nast name as the seller then it is a fraud. Thank You Debra Manginell for exposing the fraudulant activity.

We are a family owned business. We are not a kennel or a breeder farm. We love our Yorkies, as they are a part of our family. They are one of our children. In this web site you will find information on Yorkies in general, our available puppies and our dam & sire, as well as the Health Guarantee, contract and payment information.
Minnie is our lovable dam. She is an AKC registered purebred Yorkshire Terrier. She is black/blue and tan in color. She weighs 6-7 pounds and has the best temperment. Minnie, named after Minnie Mouse, is my 10 yr. old daughter's dog. She calls her "Miss Piggy" because she loves to eat.!! She has the baby doll face, that is so cute!! She is a continental traveler. She came to our family in Florida, from Oklahoma. (Minnie is not for sale.)
Mickey is our little prince. He is an AKC registered purebred Yorkshire Terrier. He is black and rust in color and weighs 4 pounds soaking wet. He has the teddy bear face. Mickey, named after Mickey Mouse, was born in Florida. He is my 14 yr. old son's dog. (Mickey is not for sale)
We play with Mickey and Minnie, as well as with the puppies, everyday (see Puppies for Sale). They are very well socialized and are used to children, other dogs, cats and birds, as these are the people/animals we have. When they come to you they will be crate trained and paper trained. (see Puppy Instructions)


Minnie's Owner

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Sir Mickey Nast - proud daddy taking a break
I could surf and swim all day!!

Isabella at 7 weeks and 3 days!!

Breeders Choice Award Goes To:

The puppy(ies) will come to you with up-to-date shots, as well as a tenative shot schedule. They will also come with a health gaurentee (a copy of the one you signed), a copy of the "Puppy Instructions" (that you have signed) and a copy of the contract (that you have signed), as well as some other useful information. So please enjoy this web site and please let me know what you think (See Contact Us).
The Breeders Choice Award goes to the one puppy with the best personality and temperment. See the breeders choice award puppy. Get her/him while she/he is still available!!! See more pictures of the Breeders Choice Award Puppy in the puppies for sale page. See the other just as adorable puppies for sale in the puppies for sale section as well.


Mickey's Owner


Ok, Do I eat?? or Do I sleep??


Please get in touch with us to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at: